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Multi remote standards telemetry, JetCat/ Xycoy ECU interface, IAS and AoA indicator/warning, autothrottle and datalogger.

The ASSI device is a versatile unit with a number of subsystems. It features many useful functions specifically dedicated to jet modelers.

It was designed by Carsten and is produced in-house by Ultimate Jets. Development is made in cooperation between Carsten and Oli.


Compatibility with radio systems:

Weatronic ( telemetry in and out )

Futaba ( telemetry in and out )

Jr Xbus ( telemetry in only )

Multiplex SRXL ( telemetry in only )

Spektrum SRXL ( telemetry in only )


Here is what this wonderful unit can do for you.

1. It measures the following:

IAS, Angle of Attack (AoA) (optional), actual G forces, GPS data ( optional, via our CAN-GPS board).

2. It collects valuable data from your JetCat, Xycoy controlled engine(s), monitors receiver signal quality and the number of failsafe frames.

3. It can control the throttle (auto throttle) of your engine(s), maintain programmed IAS for 5 flap positions and issue warning signals using ultra-bright LEDs if the IAS is above/below the programmed speed.

4. Using a communication bus (CAN Bus) the device will also send out data that can be shown on a cockpit mounted LCD screens (optional) in the plane.Our CAN-RF system enables downlink capability to our IGS Android app.

The data can also be used by another slave unit in a multi engine setup.

5. All of the parameters sampled will be logged into a SD card mounted in the device. The Master device will log a complete set of data whereas the slave devices will only log the ECU data.

6. It will return up to 12 telemetry values to your transmitter ( telemetry out for Futaba SBUS2 and Weatronic only ). This data can be displayed on Futaba 18MZ or 14 SG or BAT series transmitters. For other brands, our CAN RF bundle and an Android device will be required.


Audio outputs can be programmed on the 18 MZ radio/ BAT series radios or from our Android app.


Here is the simplified schematic of the ASSI inputs and outputs.





The slave devices only collect data from the connected ECU and controls the throttle

channel to it. The throttle setting is provided by the master device. The slave device can

also only output 4 telemetry values (ECU data).




The ASSI programming is done through a simple log file that can be edited from a PC and that must be loaded on the device SD card.




The ASSI device can be configured as master or slave for respectively single or multi engine configuration 

Here is a detailed description of the telemetry capability of the device:


ASSI subsystems

  • Indicated IAS (maximum is 460 km/h, accuracy is +/- 5%)
  • Angle of Attack from -20 to +20 deg, with 1 deg resolution
  • Auto-throttle function (minimum IAS for up to 5 flap position ( configured during the flight by the pilot)
  • Configurable IAS (set a target IAS on your transmitter with a dial, and the plane will maintain the speed set)
  • Warning for IAS (or optionally AoA) with red and green ultra-bright LED's


"ECU" (data from JetCat ECU):

  • Fuel remaining in the tank
  • Current EGT
  • Current RPM
  • Current ECU battery voltage

"ECU" (data from Xycoy ECU):

  • Current EGT
  • Current RPM
  • Current ECU battery voltage


"SBUS2" (Futaba telemetry):

  • ECU: Fuel remaining (in milliliters)
  • ECU: Current engine RPM
  • ECU: EGT (in deg Celsius)
  • ECU: battery voltage (in 0.1V)
  • ASSI: IAS (in km/h)
  • ASSI: AoA (in degrees)
  • ASSI: Maximum IAS during current flight (in km/h)
  • ASSI: Current mode for ASSI system (0=disable, 1=normal, 2=auto throttle)
  • ASSI: Preset IAS (set by dial on transmitter, 0..250 km/h)
  • ASSI: G force (0.1G)
  • RX: Failsafe counts
  • RX: RSSI (0-3, The quality with which the receiver sees the transmitted RF data. 0=poor, 3=best)

Transmitter compatibility:

  • Futaba SBUS/ SBUS2 transmitters
  • JR XBUS transmitters
  • Spektrum SRXL transmitters
  • Multiplex SRXL transmitters
  • Weatronic BAT series transmitters


"AUX COM" (Auxiliary communication to other devices):

CAN bus for connection to slave devices (in multi engine setups) and to cockpit mounted

graphic LCD color display(s)


"DATALOG" (SD card data logging):

A data logger that stores all data (including servo positions, ECU data, IAS/AoA, failsafe counts ) . These logs can be converted at a later stage into a KML format where you'll see the actual flight path in Google Earth together with all the parameters logged each second.



ASSI connections on a single engine setup:



ASSI connections on a dual engine setup:



The dual engine setup will enable the pilot to see both engines parameters as well as fuel quantity.

On Futaba 18 MZ audio alerts can be configured for an engine failure condition.


Here is a video demonstration of the system capability on a Futaba 18 MZ:



Here is a video demonstration of the system capability on a Spektrum DX-18:



Hardware characteristics:


L: 64 mm

W: 37 mm

H: 14 mm

Weight: 15 grs

Consumption: 25 to 125 mAh

Sold as a nude board without pitot tube or AOA sensor.