Merlin M250XBL

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This engine produced by JetsMunt in Spain, is a real bargain and the most performing engine in the World.

Our new M250XBL engine has been designed with the latest technologies to offer maximum power in the minimum space. Equipped with two spark plugs, it gets a quick start in just 35 seconds, the same happens with the restart. The mounted electronics are designed with the latest technologies; Brushless Motors for Starter and Pump and the latest software version with the Flexpower function that allows you to select the maximum thrust in Newtons in a simple way using the color touch screen included with the motor.

Includes engine and all ancillary accessories needed to run the engine, except the battery. Recomended LiPo 3S 11,4v 2500mAh.



Nominal thrust: 250N a 110.000 RPM.
Idle thrust: 7N
Idle RPM: 28.000 RPM
Diameter: 122mm (4.8″)
Engine weight: 1.940g (4.2lb)
Installed weight: 2.050g (4.57lb)
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel 3%-5% Oil.
Fuel consumption: 700g/min
Start mode: Direct Kerosene