F-84F Thunderstreak 1/5 scale

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 This is the first 1/5 scale fully featured jet powered F-84F available on the market.


The plane has been CAD designed and CNC cut from a 3D scanned full size plane on display at Lackland AFB.





Our CloudTech laminate technology uses the highest modulus carbon fiber strand available on the planet from Torayca. This strand is the exact same one used by Boeing on the 787 and is 100% made at their USA factory.

It is laid up in a series of uni directional layers oriented according to CAD computations. The UD carbon fabric is made specifically to our order and is 0.3 mm thick. The core material is a specific ultra light weight aerospace grade PEI foam ( used in the future B-777X ) that is thermo formed to the plane shape at 300 c and is certified to sustain 120 c continuous without de-gassing. This foam is 3 times lighter than the Airex grade used on the best models being currently sold to the hobby market but features the same resistance to compression.


The skin created using these materials is infused in one step with a very specific resin gel sheet technique. A super high modulus epoxy resin is used and post cured for 48 hours at high temperature, offering a resistance of 120 c continuous. The laminate is 100% carbon fiber from Torayca.


The plane internal structure was designed and specced using finite analysis simulation to offer 10 g resistance with 160 N total thrust. The internal structure is CNC cut and 100% made of Airex/ carbon fiber laminate with the same gel sheet epoxy resin as the skin and post cured in one step with the remaining of the structure. The wing and fin tubes are also aero grade carbon fiber made and post cured in the same step with the structure to fuse the glue joints with the spar/ ribs. This is a unique process allowing both the skin and the internal structure to cure together and fuse with the epoxy joints, creating a virtually monocoque shell. 


Scale features:

This plane has been the object of a thorough scale design. The skin is produced with all the panel lines and panel joiners rivets ( both flush and protruding types ). But it also features ( and this is an industry first ) all the intermediate stiffeners and stiffeners flush rivets. When looking at the skin at a shallow angle, the waving pattern of the stiffeners and skin wrinkles are subtle, but apparent.





The optional landing gear is ultra scale and features many laser 3D printed parts with a 50 micron resolution. It is 100% cut in-house on our Siemens machines from Alcoa USA certified Al 6061 T6. 





The fuselage is in 2 parts and easy to transport. It includes large access hatches in the nose, cockpit and engine areas.




The stabilizer shaft position and stiffness have been extensively studied and optimized for strength. The stabilizer tube is a certified 1/2" Al 2024 unit turned down to 11.994 mm. It is supported by two very large ABEC 5 needle bearings of 14 mm wide. 



The entire plane was the object of a thorough CFD study and optimization. The wing airfoil is a modified Michel Selig S6063, optimized for the required Reynolds numbers and for the use of leading edge slats.

The stabilizer configuration and airfoil combination was specifically very carefully optimized to avoid tip stall at the high angle of attack required when the wing is tilted up at slow speed with flaps extended.


 The plane is currently in the test flight phase and we will take orders as soon as we have finalized the kit.


Several options will be available:

Ultra scale landing gear, pneumatic.

Ultra scale landing gear, electric.

Ultra scale cockpit

Scale probes

Kevlar fuel tank system, 4 l

Speed brakes, electric

Wing spoilers, electric





Scale 1/5

Fuselage length: 2.62 m/ 103"

Span: 2.05 m/ 80"

Power: 100 to 140 N/ 20 to 35 lb.f

Fuel: 4 liters/ 120 fl.oz

Dry weight: 12.5 kgs/ 30 lbs

MTOW: 15.5 kgs/ 35 lbs