Aero adhesive Heatshrink tube for wire looms

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Adhesive heatshrink tubing for wire looms ( 4ft length pieces).

These are aero spec heat shrink tubes with a 3:1 ratio. The walls of the tube are impregnated with a heat activated glue that will lock the product in place while retracting. The resulting interface will become weather proof.

Proudly made in the USA to the highest standards.

Shrinking at 194F/ 90c.


1/2" OD: unshrunk ID= 12 mm, shrunk ID= 4 mm

1" OD: unshrunk ID= 24mm, shrunk ID= 8mm

1-1/2" OD: unshrunk ID= 38 mm, shrunk ID= 13 mm


Complies with MIL-I-23053 for continuous use at 257F/ 125c

Complies with MIL-DTL-23053 for resistance to cutting. Secant modulus: 25,000 PSI

Complies with ATSM  D-149 for dielectric resistance of 500 V / Mil