HF/ UHF/ XHF Viton fuel tubing

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1/8" or 3.2 mm ( NF ), 3/16" or 4.8 mm ( HF ), 1/4" or 6.4 mm ( UHF ), 5/16" or 8 mm ( XHF ) Inner Diameter high flow fuel tubing.

Attention: this is a super flexible thin wall line ( 1/16" wall ) suitable for fuel clunk plumbing only. Do not use outside of the tank!

The clunk line must use only short sections of this tube, with the main length being made of a brass tube.

Typically, a section of 4 inch will be enough for a complete tank.

However, when used in conjunction with our specially designed UHF clunks, longer sections can be fitted without risk of pinching or vacuum obstruction.

Genuine Viton.

Available by the inch.