Multilayer safety fuel bladders

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This is a new product that has been thoroughly designed for modern jet fuel systems.

This multi layers safety fuel bladder has many advantages compared to regular kevlar tanks.

1. It is very conformal ( can be laid down in many different configurations )

2. It is very light ( 50% lighter than a regular kevlar tank, plus the air trap is not required, often saving 1 lb or more compared to the latter )

3. Puncture/ crack resistant thanks to a thicker and resilient outer layer

4. Kerosene/ fuel resistant thanks to a specific inner layer

5. UV resistant ( outer layer )

6. Specific inner setup for air protection ( multi point drain tube for air removal ) and air separation ( felter clunk )


The bladder is available in 3 sizes: 2, 3 and 4 liters as standard.


However is can be custom made to many sizes and capacities.

Please contact us for custom jobs.


This product is not available to US customers as not AMA legal.